What a day!  
At the end of day 3 we sit in 4th!   Crazy!  So some people may say the only reason you moved up in Rank is because other teams broke or went off!   Exactly!  Targa is an endurance race, that simple. You can't place if you don't finish a stage.  If you approach a stage at 100% page then you are either going to break the car or end up in a ditch.
Day 3 this year brought 8 brand new stages on the Bonavista peninsula.  The 1st 4 stages today were relatively  easy.  Fast and flowing and ideal for our car, however it didn't remain that way.  Trinity was a very tight town stage followed by an open sweeping section.  Gooseberry cove in and out were fast and extremely rough.  Not ideal for the IROC.  We pushed hard and kept our penalties at a minimum.  Port Rexton was another story.  A complicated mix of cow path and rough pavement.  I was only 1 second late on a call and the car had too much speed to make a Y left.  Options?  Brake as hard as possible and go straight.  We backed up and got back on course and still only took minor penalties.  Off to Clarenville and the town failed to disappoint.  Our best results ever were posted.  We finished the day to crowds of fans all coming up to us any saying it was their favorite car in the whole race.  After 4 years in this car people are going to the race just to see the Sideways beast!  Pretty awesome feeling!   It's great exposure for our sponsors mad our charities.   Brad and have reached a new level of competitiveness and it's starting to show.  
Tomorrow it's off to the Burin peninsula for our most challenging day.  We're focused and we are sticking to the plan.  We feel great and can't wait to bring her home.