As the clock struck 7:30 this morning, the teams departed from Jack Byrne Arena to start the first day of real competition. Yesterdays prologue, a shakedown of sorts, behind them and feeling a little more comfortable in a rally on the tarmac of the Avalon. 

As the fog cleared this morning, teams from around the world prepare to depart for Conception Harbour/Colliers, the site of the first two Targa stages for starting at 8:45 and a second running at 9:45. Once done there, the teams have a chance to evaluate and/or mend any wounds to both car and pride, prior to heading to at Marysvale for Stage 3, less than 15 minutes away and starting at 10:15.  From there it is off to another service park at Monty's ESSO station in Whitbourne prior to heading to Sunnyside for Stage 4  at 12:00 . Sunnyside is the last stage from morning number one of Targa Newfoundland 2013 and will competitors and crew will head to service point C for lunch.

At 2:15 the action moves to North West Brook for stage 6 and followed by Gooseberry Cove for Stage 7 at 3:45. One stage to go before in Port Blandford then heading to Gander for the night.  The Targa Newfoundland Run Order for Leg 1 can be found here

It is hurricane season, and with Hurricane Targa there are no real high winds just tons of excited faces. 

Leg 1 results as available;
 [ Open Class ] [ Modern Class ] [Classic Class ] [Grand Touring