Another event in the books, and just awaiting a final tally on competitors and funds raised for the various groups we here at Sideways Motorsports are fighting to help support. 

Although there was some snow falling, the conditions were pretty great for this years Sno-Drag on Cobb's pond. The sky being overcast allowed competitors to concentrate on speed rather than blinding glare from the sun off the fluffy white stuff.  Fastest Sled rights goes to Woodford on his pass of 660ft in 8.02s.


On February 22, 2014, Sideways Motorsports will be hosting Sno-Drag 2014, the first annual event of its kind in Newfoundland. 

Sno-Drag 2014 will be snowmobile drag racing at its finest, held on Cobb's Pond in Gander, NL. The strip has been planned, and we will have two lanes side by side, 660ft down Cobbs Pond. More details to come later keep tuned for details as we will release em as we know em. 

PSA: For the event we will be using Cobb's Pond, not the Park. With that in mind, you'll notice a in the below image snowmobiles and ATV's are prohibited from the park itself. Access to the pond will be provided by the trail highlighted in purple.