Due to lack of snow, we'll be running the event on the 2nd of March. 


Registration is open folks for Sno-Drag 2019

 Date: Feb 16th, 2019 / Sno-Date March 2nd, 2019


To Register proceed here, or click register to the right under Sno-Drag. 

To view / download rule book it can be found here, or in the side menu to the right under Sno-Drag.

The rule book may get changed without notice but we will do our best to keep you upto date with any rule changes. 

Please note revision number when viewing. Current Revision number 1.08b with a date of 01/09/2019 

if you see anything other than that, hold the "ctrl" key on your keyboard and hit "f5" it will force the browser to download the most recent data.