Good day folks, and thanks of checking back for the results. Although the event has been over a couple weeks now the results are here and official.


Displacement Class        
120 cc  Stock   1st-Zac West   2nd- Evan Hamlin
250 cc  Stock   1st-Jacob Faulkner    
600 cc  Stock   1st- Jeff Young   2nd-John Coombs
   Improved   1st- Joey Young   2nd-Leonard Jewers
   Pro   1st- Joey Young   2nd-Leonard Jewers
700 cc  Stock   1st- Daniel Oxford   2nd-Kyle Russell
   Improved   1st- Joey Young   2nd-Daniel Oxford
   Multi-pipe   1st- Joey Young   2nd-Chris Smith
   Pro   1st- Morris Anstey   2nd-Leonard Jewers
800 cc  Stock   1st- Deon Penney   2nd-Daniel Oxford
   Improved   1st- Deon Penney   2nd-Gord Fewer
   Multi-pipe   1st- Ken Cooze   2nd-Leonard Jewers
   Pro   1st- Morris Anstey   2nd-Daniel Oxford
1000 cc  Stock   1st- Deon Penney   2nd-Lennie Griffiths
   Improved   1st- Daniel Oxford   2nd- Ken Cooze
   Pro   1st- Deon Penney   2nd- Nick Hickey
Trail Turbo   1st- Dave Crewe   2nd-Trevor Young
Power Adder   1st- Todd Parsons   2nd- Deon Penney
King of the Pond   1st- Baxter Payne   2nd- Allan Hackett