Another year in the books, and as the snow settles here's the racing results, we'll be updating the site with the amount raised for the Central Northeast Health Foundation as soon as those official numbers are in.  Thanks for all the sponsors and volunteers who made this event another success. 







Time (s)


  120cc   Zack West    


  250/340cc   Mathew Seymor    


  600cc   Chris Dyke   8.553s


  700cc   Dino Soper   7.939s


  800cc   Brad Rowsell   8.090s


  1000cc   Brad Rowsell    


  600cc   Chris Dyke    


  700cc   Jake Payne    


  800cc   Kyle Cooze   7.521s


  1000cc   Jake Pelley    


  700cc   Brad Melendy    


  800cc   Jake Pelley   8.289s

Pro Stock

  700cc   Lance Prouse   8.261s


  800cc   Jake Pelley   7.306s


  1000cc   Barry Randell    

Trail Turbo

      Tyler Frampton    

Power Adder 

      Barry Randell   6.845

King of the Pond 

      Jake Payne   6.519s


Stay tuned folks, more Motorsport action will be coming again this summer. Before you know it the snow and ice will be gone and Fly your Car in Gander will return. Keep checking back for details. 


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