Thanks for visiting once again folks, and as you can see another great event has been here and done. 

As you're probably well aware, the event was on Feb 21st, and due to some silly mistakes I am just getting an update for the fans. The event this year had a total 51 competitors registered and the winners will be listed below. And as with all of our events proceeds go to a local charity in central Newfoundland, this year being once a gain the Central North East Health Foundation.  This years event officially raised $1,323 for the foundation, which is an increase from last years event. 

We have another gallery posted here for your viewing pleasure. 


Winners:               120 Class - Emma Goodyear
                            250-300 Class - Grace Melendy
                            Vintage Class - Brian snow
                            600 Stock - Brandon Davis
                            600 Improved- Chris dyke
                            700 Stock - Dino Soper
                            700 Improved - Dino Soper
                            800 Stock - Brian Belbin
                            800 Improved - Kyle Cooze
                            Open Class- Jeff Fudge

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