Due to lack of snow, we'll be running the event on the 2nd of March. 


Registration is open folks for Sno-Drag 2019

 Date: Feb 16th, 2019 / Sno-Date March 2nd, 2019


To Register proceed here, or click register to the right under Sno-Drag. 

To view / download rule book it can be found here, or in the side menu to the right under Sno-Drag.

The rule book may get changed without notice but we will do our best to keep you upto date with any rule changes. 

Please note revision number when viewing. Current Revision number 1.08b with a date of 01/09/2019 

if you see anything other than that, hold the "ctrl" key on your keyboard and hit "f5" it will force the browser to download the most recent data. 


 Good day folks, and thanks of checking back for the results. Although the event has been over a couple weeks now the results are here and official.


Displacement Class        
120 cc  Stock   1st-Zac West   2nd- Evan Hamlin
250 cc  Stock   1st-Jacob Faulkner    
600 cc  Stock   1st- Jeff Young   2nd-John Coombs
   Improved   1st- Joey Young   2nd-Leonard Jewers
   Pro   1st- Joey Young   2nd-Leonard Jewers
700 cc  Stock   1st- Daniel Oxford   2nd-Kyle Russell
   Improved   1st- Joey Young   2nd-Daniel Oxford
   Multi-pipe   1st- Joey Young   2nd-Chris Smith
   Pro   1st- Morris Anstey   2nd-Leonard Jewers
800 cc  Stock   1st- Deon Penney   2nd-Daniel Oxford
   Improved   1st- Deon Penney   2nd-Gord Fewer
   Multi-pipe   1st- Ken Cooze   2nd-Leonard Jewers
   Pro   1st- Morris Anstey   2nd-Daniel Oxford
1000 cc  Stock   1st- Deon Penney   2nd-Lennie Griffiths
   Improved   1st- Daniel Oxford   2nd- Ken Cooze
   Pro   1st- Deon Penney   2nd- Nick Hickey
Trail Turbo   1st- Dave Crewe   2nd-Trevor Young
Power Adder   1st- Todd Parsons   2nd- Deon Penney
King of the Pond   1st- Baxter Payne   2nd- Allan Hackett

Another year in the books, and as the snow settles here's the racing results, we'll be updating the site with the amount raised for the Central Northeast Health Foundation as soon as those official numbers are in.  Thanks for all the sponsors and volunteers who made this event another success. 


It is that time of the year folks, and hopefully the weather starts to cooperate.  Sno-drag 2018 is just around the corner and as it appears currently we have a green light. Check out the rule book in the menu to the right, as there has been a few changes. 

There will be plenty of room for spectators, just remember to stay off the course.  Concessions will be sold on site by the gander boys and girls club, so may as well bring a little hunger for yourself as well. To the right the new registration page will be available at well.  Keep an eye out for scheduling and any possible changes. 

Event is on Feb 17th March 3rd and if that day is deemed unsuitable, we will have the event on the 3rd of March, hope to see you all there. 

if you are looking for the rules, they have been updated to include studs in certain classes as well as chisels or studs in pro and king/queen of the pond. When you click on the link if the rulebook shows revised 2/10/2018 and V 1.05 on page two, you have the right rulebook. If not, close out the pdf viewer, hold down your "CTRL" key and click the link again it should pull the most up to date data.      

[ Official Rules ]      [ Registration Form

Welcome back folks, and we're proud to announce that Sno-Drags will be going ahead again this year on Cobb's Pond in Gander. The event will be scheduled to run on February 25th, 2017. If weather is not suitable, the event will be on March 4th.

There will be an area for spectators, so just because you don't have a machine to race, don't mean you can't come out and enjoy the action. There will be concessions on site for the competitors and spectators to enjoy. 

Interested? and want to sign up, a new registration sheet will be updated soon. Rules are already posted and can be found in the menu to the right side or below. 

[ Registration Form ] [ Official Rules of SnoDrags