To previous FyCiG competitors, this is your last chance to get your registration in prior to the doors being opened to the public. 

Currently we're sitting at 29 slots filled of a possible 60, and 10 "new" drivers on the waiting list in hopes to get their shot to prove their driving prowess. 

Green light is less than 24 hours away for those who have not competed here before, and those slots remaining may fill up fast. Pre-registration will commence May 1st at noon. 


To register for Fly your Car in Gander IV click here.

To view entries click here.


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Another year in the books, even though my update is about a month late, here it is none the less. The day started with some rain and slowly tapered to a great day of racing. 

This years event brought in 46 cars, and $3,200.00 for the Central Northeast Health Foundation, our largest turn out and donation yet.  Just goes to show there is starting to be a larger following for automotive events in Central Newfoundland, and we here at Sideways Motorsports are hoping to build on that following. 

We would like to thank those who volunteered their time to help put off this event, as well as the health foundation and vinland motorsports for assisting in putting off the event again this year. And we can't forget those who provided the canteen service. 

Please see results below, and the gallery can be found here 

It's official folks, and we have a date. The  next Fly your Car in Gander event will be held on the 28th of June.  Keep checking back as we'll be releasing information as it is available. 

Best keep an eye out folks, there is a pre-registration and a 50 car limit. 


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Below you will find the entrants for 2014 Fly your Car in Gander event, being held on Taxiway Charlie on June 21st.

Don't forget folks, registration a minimum $40.00 fee, but there is a prize for the driver who brings in the most sponsors/donations.  

Due to a scheduling issue, mainly with trying to get hotel rooms booked with the Ride for Sight being in town the same weekend, Fly your Car in Gander has been moved to June 21st. 

you can still go to the facebook page and register for the event, you will see the post in the Fly your Car in Gander facebook group.  There will be a list updated as folks register here on Sideways Motorsports under the Fly your Car in Gander menu. 

Registration forms and Sponsor sheets are now available online, please visit the links below to obtain them.  Why are we providing a sponsor sheet? As you know this event is being held to help raise funds for the Central Northeast Health Foundation, and through sponsors we help bring in additional funds above the $40.00 registration. Also if you collect more than $40.00 of sponsors, your registration fee is covered by the sponsorship making it free for you to compete. 

 2014 Registration   |    2014 Sponsor Sheet


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