June 16th, 2017

4:30 pm Course setup

Get an advantage over your competition by participating in course setup.

8:00 pm Meet & Greet / Car Show / Registration

Jumping Bean, Town Square in Gander


June 17th, 2017

8:30 am Registration at Runway Charlie at CYQX

9:00 am Tech inspections 

9:30 am Mandatory Safety Meeting and Course Walk through

10:30 am Event Starts

All times are our targets, schedule may change based on number of vehicles involved (Safety checks, meetings, etc.).

Awards Presentations at end of event



Here's the list as it stands today, as more registrations are confirmed the list will be updated here as well. 

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As those of you following the Facebook page has noticed, FyCiG V has been rescheduled for July 16th, with the car show meet and greet July 15th at Town Square in Gander, just outside Jumping Bean. we'll also try and get all competitors registrations taken care of at the car show as well. This will be the second year running in this format so we hope it works out as well as last year.  Please keep an eye out as online registration will open up soon.



This post is pulling double duty folks, it appears in all the changes from last season to this, we had forgotten to post the results from last years event to our site. So those will be posted below in the Read more section. More importantly, we've got another event coming up soon. This spring, that's right Fly your car in Gander 2017 is going to be a SPRING event. June 17th to be exact. The registration site will be LIVE as of April 15th at noon. The schedule will remain the same. Friday the 16th will have us setting up the course as well as going with the usual car show to kick things off. Late registration between 0800 and 0900 on Saturday the 17th and Tech inspections to start at 0930. Hopefully this will allow us to get the racing starting by 1100. 

Consessions shall be available on site again this year and although unofficial as of yet, we're hoping to see prizes based on the amount of funds raised. As an example the more you raise, the more swag.  Like other years there is a maximum number of cars & drivers. The magic number will be posted later, but expect it to be near 60 again. Any questions, feel free to contact us for details. 

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Ladies and gentlemen, as those who follow the social media feeds from sideways you already know the deal.  Fly your Car in Gander is back for another year. This time June 10th & 11th in Gander. Details to be confirmed as they become available but a car show on the 10th with registration taking place in front of the Jumping Bean at town square once again.  Schedule should be very similar to last years event, but just 2 weeks earlier. As details get finalized, you'll see it all here or on the facebook page. 

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