You've never been in an auto-cross event but wanted to get some details before you hit the asphalt.  This short documentary is meant to help you learn something before you start. If you want more of this kind of information visit youtube and search Autocross, AutoX or Solo and you should come back with some handy videos, techniques etc. but the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) has compiled some great Autocross videos as well which can be found by clicking the link here.


What should I check before every event? - as per Atlantic Region Motor Sports Inc. 

  1. Floor mats should be removed
  2. Remove all loose items from interior of the vehicle and the glove box
  3. Remove loose items from the trunk, including spare tire and jack if they do not bolt in
  4. Make sure your gas pedal returns after its depressed (throttle return spring)
  5. Step on the brake pedal and hold pressure on it for 10 seconds. Pedal should not depress
  6. Check seat belts and related fastening hardware including your seat
  7. All wheel caps and centers are to be removed unless they are bolted down
  8. Check wheel bearing play in 2 directions
  9. Tighten wheel nuts
  10. Check your gas cap
  11. Battery should be securely fastened down (bungee cords can be an aid, but are not recommended as the primary fastening device)
  12. Check all fluid levels (oil, brake, clutch, coolant, power steering etc)
  13. Secure all fluid caps (cloth covers not accepted)
  14. Check all engine belts that are accessible (for cracks and tightness)
  15. You should have no fluid leaks of any kind
  16. Doors, hood and trunk lid should fasten securely (please, no ropes)
  17. Do your tires have adequate tread depth (no cords showing)?
  18. Are your shocks set?
  19. Tire pressure set?
  20. Helmet approved with sticker? (Snell 2005M or better)
  21. Are your numbers (and class designation if appropriate) on the car on both sides?
  22. HAVE FUN!!!!