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Green light may be in near future... 

Stay tuned Autocross fans, we are not dead in the water yet and we are awaiting final approval on August 14th. The event has been moved back to its original location on the Runway at Gander International Airport, behind Gander Flight Training. This will be the 8th running of the event at the airport and we are glad we could strike a deal to make this happen once more.  Although registration has not been updated as of yet, we will be posting this as soon as the event is finalized. 
With the new step we hit on July 1st we have the ability to up the numbers and even get back to having our annual car show on the evening before so have those cars shined up and ready to show off for August 13th, details to follow.  It may also be possible come August 14th we may be able to open the doors to Spectators once again, and maybe even concessions on site. Those details are not official as of yet though so stay tuned for that as well. 
With that being said we also want to send a huge shout out to our sponsors listed below with great thanks for their sticking with us for the event. 
From us at Sideways Motorsports and our sponsors stay safe and we'll see you soon. 


If you're looking for the latest details on COVID-19 please visit: https://www.gov.nl.ca/covid-19/


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