Welcome back for another season of fun on the snow, slush and ice of central newfoundland. We're glad to announce the event is going ahead again this year, with some Covid-19 restrictions in place and you'll see the site or email information updated as the event gets closer to ensure all is covered. We're hoping to have the timing gear all set up for top speeds as well this year, and printed slips may be available at a small fee (will confirm prior to events if available).  As you'll see below we are targeting 3 events, and hopefully the weather cooperates.  With that being said, once registered we will require all payments to be made received by emt 48 hrs before the event.

Event Dates:
Event 1 - February 5th
Event 2 - March 5th
Event 3 - March 26th
"Rain Date" April 2rd

Thanks for considering Sno-Drag 2022, below you will find the registration form for the event, if you wish to be a competitor, please sign up here.  

Rules can be found by clicking here as well. The latest revision of the rules would be 1.11b (see lower left corner front cover to verify). 

Once you click submit below you should be brought to a page confirm your registration form has been sent. We will be in touch with you within 48 hrs via the email provided to confirm your slot. 


This is where you tell us about the sled you'll be riding.

Big key to remember is this is where you declare any modifications, etc. 

Best to tell us here, rather than being disqualified on race day right?

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